India Mission Report

Bangalore, India is the newest area in which we are sharing the gospel.  I was blessed to travel with Val* in May 2005 for two weeks.  There are now over seventeen saints in Bangalore, which is located in Southern India.  This is close to where the Tsunami of 2004 hit with such devastation. Fortunately, Bangalore experienced minor flooding as a result and did not suffer catastrophic damage.  The saints located there are eager for continued ministry.  Some of the challenges SEAAM faces, is the step by step process of finding a building to worship in, the continued financial assistance to pay for the building, the calling of priesthood as the Lord leads and praying for finances so our brothers and sisters in India can fulfill their dreams of a church home.  The situation is such that in these countries, churches could not exist without the support of the Saints in the USA. The poverty in these countries is so great, that I have a tremendous appreciation of God’s blessings for us.  Even the poorest American citizen is wealthy compared to the average income of these countries. With your support, their dreams are turned into reality.

There are plans for a team to return to India and Nepal.  We are striving to build trust and support between the two counties.  The pastor of the Nepal Restoration Branch, will join me in Bangalore to further Christ’s mission in that part of the world.  We will minister together for two weeks in India and then travel to Nepal for one week.

When we work together, all things are possible through Christ our Lord.  We know that there’s millions waiting to hear the word of God in these last days.  Praise God that the doors are opening in many hearts and minds to hear the good news of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

by Jim*

*names removed for privacy.


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