Nepal Mission Report

SEAAM desired to complete several goals for this year.  I was involved in two counties as an effort to meet some of these goals that involve Nepal and India.  We were active in maintaining the outreach program to our brothers and sisters of the Nepal Restoration Branch. This included two trips to provide ministry and support. Most recently in November of 2005, missionaries traveled 36 hours to spend a period of nine days in Nepal to minister to the branch located there.  The branch has five active priesthood and 70 baptized members.  There was an average of 30 to 40 members who shared a marvelous ministry together while we were there.  The missionaries shared with the branch, over nine days, six two-hour teaching and worship services, which drew a great response from the attendees. There was much fellowship and travel while we were there, in addition to the worship sessions.  Topics new to the branch in Nepal included: Concepts of Zion and the New Jerusalem, several stories from the Book of Mormon and the story of Joseph Smith and the Restoration. There was additional sharing on the topics of spiritual gifts and stewardship with a two-hour question and answer session that followed.  The branch has grown exponentially, while the women organized a new Women's Group and the youth organized a youth group.  There is no greater joy than watching the body of Christ grow.  The commitment for Christians in this country requires much sacrifice and this represents an outstanding accomplishment for a small group of believers in the middle of a Hindu country. We look forward to Nepal missionary efforts with the increased interest growing there and expanding to India, China and other Asian countries.

When we work together, all things are possible through Christ our Lord.  We know that there’s millions waiting to hear the word of God in these last days.  Praise God that the doors are opening in many hearts and minds to hear the good news of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

by Jim*

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