Taiwan Mission Report

The Lord has blessed the ministry to the Chinese people in Taiwan and the ministry was very productive this year. We are grateful for the service of Elder Jared^, his wife Mindy, and daughter Whitney all of whom the Lord has used.  Even four-year-old Whitney has drawn numerous young people into the church activities. Jared is in the midst of a long-term contract with a Chinese airline and as pastor, is able to provide leadership in worship services and teaching in the weekly classes. Mindy teaches a weekly English Language class in which they periodically translate sections of the Doctrine and Covenants.
One of the adjustments, that all of the church members and friends were involved in, was the search for, procurement of, moving into and furnishing a new church building last summer. The new landlord was so happy to have a church in her building that she offered to donate part of the rent each month back to the church, even though she is of a Buddhist background.

One of the challenges to teaching the gospel here is the lack of church materials in Chinese.  This year one of our members translated the church members manual into Chinese. Another Chinese member who is going to school in the United States, reviewed the translation and prepared it for printing.  We will shortly have the finished product available to the members for teaching and personal study.

Another program, that we trust will bear fruit, was the sending of two nonmember Chinese girls to the RCI Mammoth Camp at Graceland University last summer.  They had very good spiritual experiences and were able to learn more about the church and the church people.

On a quarterly basis, I visit the mission with another Elder. It is truly a blessing to see the growth in the lives of the members and friends of the church, during our various visits.  The Lord has blessed the group with many testimonies of His love through healing, direction and purpose in their lives.  Please continue to pray for the Saints and friends there as they learn of Christ and His desires for them.

Elder Dan *

* Names removed for privacy
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